KE-Jetronic (or "CIS-E", which means "Continuous Injection System with Electronic control") is a variant on the much more basic Jetronic system. It uses the same ignition controller, but comes with a much more advanced oxygen sensor computer, and sometimes a knock sensor computer as well. It has several wiring variations, depending on the year, model, place of assembly, etc. It was used on various Golfs, Jettas, and GTIs (including 16vs) from 1985-1989. It was replaced by Digifant II on Jettas in late 1987, and Golfs in 1988, but it survived on 16vs until 1989. It had very primitive fault diagnosis (only on cars equipped with a knock sensor). There was no fault memory. Operating theory is a bit more advanced then basic Jetronic. While a vane meter fuel distributor still is used for basic fuel metering, a new Differential pressure Regulator is also used to fine-tune fuel control electronically. Coolant temperature, oxygen content, and basic throttle position (idle or WOT) are all taken into consideration. Knock is taken care of via a specialized controller (GTI/GLI only) that senses knock, engine load, and timing, which is adjusted to eliminate knock. The differential pressure regulator current can be the most telltale test applied to a Jetronic or Motronic vehicle to diagnose it's operating condition (provided everything else is in working order).
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Oxygen Controller:

1985-1986 Golf 1985-1989 US-built GTI 1985-1987 Jetta 1985-1989 Jetta GLI, 1989 GTI (Mexico)
Pin Function Color Color Color Color
1 Start/Run Power Yellow/Blue (1985), Yellow (1986) Yellow/Blue (1985), Yellow (1986-) Black/Blue Black
2 Ground Brown Brown Brown/Black Brown/Black
3 Idle Speed Actuator - Green/Red - Green/Red (8v), Green (16v)
4 Idle Speed Actuator - Brown/Red - Green/Black
5 WOT Switch - Violet - Blue
6 A/C control switch - Gray/Green (not 1985) - White/Yellow
7 Oxygen Sensor shield Braided Wire Brown Black White
8 Oxygen Sensor Green Green Green Green
9 Ground - Brown (not on 16v) White -
10 Differential Pressure Regulator Red/White Red/White (1985-86), Red/Yellow (1987-) Red/Yellow Red/White
11 Altitude Sensor (not used) - Gray/Red - Blue/Green
12 Differential Pressure Regulator Gray/Blue Gray/Blue Brown/Blue Brown/Blue
13 Idle Switch - Blue/White - White/Blue
14 Airflow Sensor Potentiometer Gray/Yellow Gray/Yellow Gray/Yellow Gray
15 Ground Black Brown Brown/Red White
16 A/C control switch - Gray/Green - Blue
17 Airflow Sensor Potentiometer Gray/Green Gray/Green Gray/Green Gray/Green
18 Airflow Sensor Potentiometer White/Yellow White/Yellow White/Yellow White/Red
19 A/C clutch signal - Brown/Blue (not 1985) - Green
20 Ground - Brown - Brown
21 Coolant Temperature Sensor Brown/Blue Blue/Yellow Blue/White Blue/White
22 Ground Brown Brown (16v only) - White
23 Diagnosis terminal - - - -
24 Starter Power Brown/Green Brown/Green Red/Black Red/Black
25 To Knock Sensor Unit - Gray/Blue - Yellow

Knock Controller (if equipped):

1985-1989 US-built GTI 1985-1989 Jetta GLI, 1989 GTI (Mexico)
Pin Function Color Color
1 - - -
2 To oxygen sensor control unit Gray/Blue Yellow
3 Ground Brown Brown/Black
4 Test plug (fault diagnosis) Blue/Brown Blue/Brown
5 Ignition power Yellow/Blue (1985), Yellow (1986-) Black
6 Idle Switch Blue/White White/Blue
7 Distributor pin 1, negative Brown/Black (1985), Brown/White (1986-) Brown/White
8 Full Throttle Switch Violet Blue/Black
9 Distributor pin 2, hall sender Yellow/Blue (1985), Brown/Yellow (1986-) Green
10 Fuel Pump relay Brown/Yellow Red/Yellow
11 Ground Brown (8v only) White (1985), Brown/Black (1986-1987 8 valve only)
12 To ignition control unit Green/White Green/White
13 Knock Sensor shield and negative Braided Wire and Gray/Yellow (1985), Violet (1986-) Brown, Black
14 Knock Sensor Yellow/Green (1985), Black/Red (1986), Black (1987) Yellow
15 Distributor pin 3, positive Brown/Black Red/Black

Ignition Controller:

1985-1986 Golf 1985-1989 US-built GTI 1985-1987 Jetta 1985-1989 Jetta GLI, 1989 GTI (Mexico)
Pin Function Color Color Color Color
1 Coil pin 1 Green/Blue Green/Blue Green Green
2 Ground Brown Brown Black Black
3 Distributor Pin 1 (negative) Brown/White - Brown/White -
4 Start/Run Power Yellow Yellow Black Black
5 Distributor Pin 3 (positive) Brown/Black - Red/Black -
6 Distributor Pin 2 (hall sender) (Golf/Jetta only), Knock unit (GTI/GLI only) Green Green/White Green/White Green/White
7 - - - - -