Electrical Systems

Click below to see a pin-out for the back of the respective electrical box, radio harness, clusters, and engine management info.

Which Electrical System do I have?

US Golf electrical systems are not covered because they do not use a centrally-located fuse box.
A2Resource > Electrical Systems

Fuse Box Information

Pin-outs, Relay and Fuse diagrams, ratings, etc. for all VWs from 1985-1999.

Engine Management

ECU pinouts.


Radio connector pinout for most all Volkswagens.


Speaker sizes in watercooled Volkswagens before 1998.

CE1/US-Built Instrument Cluster

Central Electric 1 instrument cluster pinout, fusebox pin, and description. Also covers US-built Golf/GTI instrument clusters.

CE2 Instrument Cluster

Central Electric 2 instrument cluster pinout, fusebox pin, and description for all the cars that use CE2.

Fault Codes

How do diagnose your OBD1 VW.