Digifant I

To access the fault system, turn the ignition on (but don't start the car) and place a jumper between the brown wire on the black connector and the yellow wire on the white connector under the shift boot, for at least 5 seconds. Remove the jumper, and the CHECK light on the dashboard should flash one long pulse, then several shorter pulses (with spaces) indicating codes. Please click here for an example.

The example picture above would indicate a 1234 code. Connect the jumper again for at least 4 seconds to advance to the next code. When "0000" (2.5s flashes at 2.5s intervals) or "4444" is read, the sequence is completed. To clear the codes, connect the jumper with the ignition off, then turn it on. After 5 seconds, remove the jumper, and "4444" should be read.
Code Description Action
4444 No faults recorded -
2212 Throttle Valve Potentiometer Defective potentiometer or wiring
2312 Coolant temperature sensor Defective coolant temperature sensor or wiring
2322 Intake air temperature sensor Defective intake air temperature sensor or wiring
2342 Oxygen sensor Defective oxygen sensor or wiring
2141 Knock sensor Defective knock sensor or wiring. Control unit not recognizing knock signal
2341 Oxygen sensor control exceeded Air intake system leaks, CO adjustment incorrect, sensor wiring
2323 Air flow sensor potentiometer Defective air flow sensor potentiometer or wiring
4411 Fuel injector Check fuel injector wiring
1111 Control unit Defective control unit (common misdiagnosis)
0000 End of fault code sequence -