Central Electric 1 Cluster

Central Electric 1 Cluster pinout in Volkswagens. Covers Golf and Jetta 85-90, Scirocco 82-88, Quantum 82-88, and some later Rabbits and Jettas.
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Pin, Golf/GTI Pin (Jetta, Quantum) Function 1985-1989 Golf, GTI 1985-1989 Jetta GLI
T7 Connector I (White), Side I
1 T7/1 High Beam Light White Blue/White
2 T7/2 Outside Air Temperature Sensor Black White/Red
3 T7/3 MFA Switch- Mode Gray/Yellow White
4 T7/4 Outside Air Temperature Sensor Ground Brown Brown (1985 only)
5 T7/5 Fuel Gauge Violet/Black Violet/Black
6 T7/6 Dash Lights Gray/Blue Gray/Blue
7 T7/7 Turn Signal Green/Black Blue/Red
T7b Connector I (White), Side II
8 T7b/1 Upshift Signal to Solenoid Valve (GTI) (1985-1987 only) Violet/Black -
9 T7b/2 Oil Temperature Sensor Green/Black Green/Black
10 T7b/3 Constant Power for clock/MFA Red/White Red
11 T7b/4 Tachometer Green/Blue Red/Black
12 T7b/5 Ground Brown Brown/White
13 T7b/6 Coolant Temperature Sensor Blue/Yellow Yellow/Red
14 T7b/7 Upshift Light (1985-1987 only) Blue/White Blue/Yellow
T7c Connector II (Black), Side I
15 T7c/1 MFA Switch- Reset Gray/Red Red/White
16 T7c/2 Speed Sensor Blue/White -
17 T7c/3 CHOKE (far left bottom LED) - -
18 T7c/4 Low Oil pressure Signal Blue/Black Blue/Black
19 T7c/5 MOTOREL. (engine electrics, A2 in Austria) or HANDBRK. (Polo in Europe) (far right bottom LED) - -
20 T7c/6 LED (second from left bottom LED) - -
21 T7c/7 Start/Run Power Yellow/Red Black
T7a Connector II (Black), Side II
22 T7a/1 MFA SP. - -
23 T7a/2 MFA Switch- Function Green/Black Black/White
24 T7a/3 Oxygen Sensor/Glow Plug/CAT warning light (top center LED) Brown/Black Blue/Green
25 T7a/4 High Oil Pressure Signal Gray/White Yellow
26 T7a/5 Battery Light Blue Blue
27 T7a/6 LED (second from right bottom LED) - -
28 T7a/7 GURTANL. or GUTRW. (seat belt) (bottom center LED) - -