Engines and Transmissions

This is the Engines and Transmissions section of A2Resource. It includes detailed specs for engines and transmissions, as well as codes for each OEM application, detailed by year.
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Click here to get detailed engine specifications, such as horsepower, torque, bore, stroke, and original install period.


Click here to get detailed specs about each and every A2 transmission. Gear and final drive ratios, axle flange size, upshift light capability, and installation period.


A page with all the ratios of every 5 speed transmission in every Mk1/2/3, along with he overall ratio of each gear, and an A2Resource exclusive: the Closeness Index, which helps compare multiple transmission's overall closeness to each other.

All Engines

A complete list of all Volkswagen engines used in the US, from aircooled right up to the Phaeton W12. Horsepower, size, production and model data included.


Click to see what engines and transmissions were OE in different model years, by model and trim level.