This is a list of the major contributor sites/people for A2Resource.
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Inspiration for the whole site, and basically it's European twin. (in German)


Broke is the 020 tranny expert, and the source of all the technical info for the site's transmission section. His DIYs are priceless.


You can't talk good Volkswagen sites without mentioning VWVortex. The forums are indispensable, and the rest of the site is entertaining as well. The VMG group also covers much more then just Volkswagens.

Cabby Info

Tons of information about our topless bretheren!


I would like to personally thank Johnny (electrical), Adam (motivation), Dave (Brochure Rack), Jamie (hosting!) Bentley Publishers, LEXCOM GMbH, everyone who submitted photos for the Color Guide, everyone who helped in the original Model Guide thread.