Color Guide

Below, you will find a list of model years. Inside each link is a list of colors available on A2s (with pictures), along with a listing of interior color codes and names. If there is a PR code for a particular color, that means it was only available on that special model that year. If there is a blank space under the "Model" column, it means there was insufficient data to complete that section. The colors are separated by build location, and use the same color scheme as in the Engines and Transmissions section- Green for German-built, Red for USA built, and Yellow for Mexican-built.

Paint Codes define the color. This is what you use when you order replacement paint, and it's also the code used on the Information Sticker. The Sales Term is the code used when ordering the vehicle new, or when defining colors on the Window Sticker.

This section is an amalgamation of many different sources, with mistakes left in on purpose. If the color is clearly defined, it will have a specific Model listed. if not, that color came from a source which could not verify it's use.

If you have a make and model listed, and notice any errors, or want to submit your car for the sample photo (interior photos especially needed!), please email me.
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