All A2 Colors

The PR/model code specifies which colors came on which special models, but those colors could also have come on regular models as well.

Spelling errors are as repeated from VW's databases.

Some colors had more then one code (due to painting differences year to year and model to model) but the color is the same.
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Exterior Color Paint Code Sales Term Model Code, Notes
alpine white 78 L90E P1
cashmire white LE9C P3
Black L041 A1
brillant black metallic LA9V 9009, R8
Black LE71 A1
black metallic LP9V 9038 S730 (Jetta Slalom)
diamond silver metallic L97A Z4
pearl/ascot grey metallic LA7U Z3 Ascot Gray in US, Pearl Gray in Canada
pewter metallic LA7Y 9727 E1L (1989 Jetta Flair)
quartz grey metallic LA8V U2
silver grey metallic LD7V C1
atlas gray metallic LE7L R4
flash silver metallic LE7N X9
medium twilightgray metallic LE7P Z1
diamond silver metallic LE7Y Z4
atlas gray metallic LP7V R4
mars red 80 LA3A G6
gambia red LA3B H2
cherry red LA3E G5
Red-metallic LA3Z L3, W4
titian red metallic LB3V W4
terra cotta - pearl effect LC3Z U7
red pearl effect LE3P W2
titian red metallic LE3T W4
tornado red LY3D G2
marine blue LA5B J2
medium blue metallic LA5T Y5
royal blue metallic LA5U Y6
helios blue metallic LA5Y C5 E1N (1989 Jetta GLI Wolfsburg Edition)
strato blue metallic LA5Z Y9
midnight blue-pearl effect LC5V 9990 S744 (Jetta Trophy 16v)
star blue metallic LD5T 9016 E1M (1989 Jetta and Golf Wolfsburg Edition)
monza blue metallic LD5Y Z8
cosmic green (deep cosmic blue) LE5C K1
monza blue metallic LE5L Z8
strato blue metallic LE5M Y9
dark blue metallic LE5N W8
Light blue metallic LE5P Y6
iceblue metallic (frost blue metallic) LE5U Z9
Brightblue-metallic LP5U C3
orly blue metallic LP5Z 9048 E1L (1990 Jetta Flair) ,S730 (Jetta Slalom)
capri green/dark teal metallic LA6U Q5 Dark Teal in US, Capri Green in Canada
calypso metallic (green) LA6Z Y3
irish green 83 LB6B M8
mint green metallic LB6U ?
montana green metallic LB6Z P3
jade green metallic LN6V X8
nevada beige LA1N B6
sahara metallic (beige) LA1Z Y1
polar silver metallic (gold) LA7V Z5
antilope metallic (brown) LA8Z C8
terra brown metallic LB1V Y2
dark brown metallic LD8V C7
manila beige LE1T B3
Light auburn metallic LE1U Y7
Gold-metallic LE1V W5
polar silver metallic (gold) LE7M Z5


Interior Color Comb. No. Model Type PR Number, Notes
mauritius blue 3 GLI 16v Cloth Sports Seat E1N (1989 Jetta GLI 16v Wolfsburg Edition)
mauritius blue 3 GL Cloth E1M (1989 Jetta GL, Golf GL Wolfsburg Edition)
pearl grey 13 Base Cloth E1L (1989, 1990 Jetta Flair and Flair II), Canada
grey/red 17 Base Cloth S730 (Jetta Slalom)
grey/black 73 GLI Leather S719 (1986 Jetta GLI Wolfsburg Edition)
Black 96 GTI Leather M981 (leather option, 85-86)
black/white BG Base Cloth
black/red BJ Base Cloth
saiga (beige) BK Base Cloth
grey/black CG GTI Cloth Sports Seat
grey/red CH GTI Cloth Sports Seat
grey black DA Base, GL Cloth
saiga (beige) DC Base, GL Cloth
grey/black DD Base Cloth
balearic(blue) DH Base Cloth
grey red/black DR GL Cloth
balearic(blue) DY Base, GL Cloth
slate (grey) EA Base, GL, Carat Cloth
Balearic, mauritius (blue) EB GL, Carat Cloth
saiga (beige) EC GL, Carat Cloth
Sahara ED GL, Carat Cloth
grey/black EG Base Cloth
balearic(blue) EH Base Cloth
saiga (beige) EJ Base Cloth
antilope (brown) EK Base Cloth
slate (grey) EK GL, Carat Cloth
Mauritius blue (dark) EM Base, GL, Carat Cloth
Sahara EQ GL, Carat Cloth
blue/black/red GQ GT Cloth
anthracite/red GX GTI Cloth Sports Seat
grey/black/silver HN GL, Carat Cloth
balearic(blue) HP GL/Carat Cloth
Grey HS GL Cloth
Blue HT GL Cloth
Brown HU GL Cloth
saiga (beige) HX GL/Carat Cloth
slate (grey) JA Base Cloth
Grey JB Base Cloth
Brown JC Base Cloth
balearic(blue) JD Base Cloth
saiga (beige) JE Base Cloth
Blue JV Base Cloth
Sahara JZ Base Cloth Canada
Gray Anthracite KW GLI, GTI, GTX 16V Cloth Sports Seat Recaro
Anthracite KW GL Cloth USA
pearl grey KX GLI Cloth Sports Seat Recaro
Grey KY GTI Cloth Sports Seat
Black MD Base Leatherette
Grey NJ Base Leatherette
Brown NK Base Leatherette
Black QH GL Leatherette
Black RC Base Cloth M434 (1986 Golf Wolfsburg Edition)
black/dark grey RF GTI Cloth
Red RJ GTI Cloth
black/silver WQ GLI Cloth Sports Seat
balearic(blue) WR Carat Cloth Sports Seat
saiga (beige) WS Carat Cloth Sports Seat
black/silver WY Carat Cloth Sports Seat
anthracite/ecrue (Black) XC GL Cloth
Beige (saddle brown) XD GL Cloth
Blue XE GL Cloth
green/blue XT GTI Cloth Sports Seat
poppy red XU GTI Cloth Sports Seat
Black ZA GL Leatherette
Red ZB GL Leatherette
red/black ZC GTI Cloth
Red ZC GTI Leatherette
black/silver/dark gray ZG GL, Carat Cloth
black/silvr/red ZG GT, GTI Cloth
balearic(blue) ZH GL, Carat, GTI Cloth
saiga (beige) ZJ GL, Carat, GTI Cloth
grey/black ZM GL, Carat Cloth
grey/silver ZQ Carat Cloth, Cloth Sports Seat
grey/silver ZR GLI Cloth Sports Seat
black/silver ZS Carat Cloth Sports Seat
balearic(blue) ZT GL, Carat Cloth, Cloth Sports Seat
saiga (beige) ZU GL, Carat Cloth, Cloth Sports Seat